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Fourth International Conference on Communications and Networking ComNet’2014 will be held at Diar Lemdina, a Hotel in Medina Mediterranean Yasmine Hammamet. Located in the southwest of the city of Hammamet, just 300m from the sea, Medina is a wonderful town that takes you back in a glorious past, takes you on ancestral traces and makes you live at the rhythm of ancient legends. It is a unique idea combining a traditional Arab village and souk with all the comforts of the 21st century. “Thousand and One attraction” will make your stay in Hammamet an unforgettable experience.

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The Diar Lemdina hotel stands out among the other establishments in Hammamet. It's tucked away in the heart of the new medina of Hammamet, thus making you feel like a local resident of the town. However, this location also means that you'll have to put up with the noise usually present in the medina, i.e. loud music, constant background noise, etc.

The Diar Lemdina hotel is located in the center of Yasmine Hammamet, one of the most modern neighbourhoods of Hammamet. This neighborhood is home to over 25 restaurants (some of which offer live shows), a casino, more than 30 cafes and a plethora of shops (Tunisian craft, groceries, drugstores, etc.). This is the only hotel in the new medina of Hammamet. The establishment's private beach is a little more than 300 meters away and it should take around a five-minute walk to get there.

Despite offering all amenities and comfort of modern hotels, Diar Lemdina does not lack the Tunisian cultural heritage details. The establishment is modern yet reminiscent of an Arab palace, seen through the simple stone facade, the outdoor pools (structured like a gift of providence or the playground of heaven, as per Muslim architectural traditions) and in the decor of the rooms and communal areas. Added touches to this atmosphere include the scent of jasmine, the olive trees outside and the staff's uniforms. The structure of the complex and its interior decoration are all harmonious with the general style of the hotel, and are tasteful and very well achieved.

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