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Clubs and associative life

The associative life is an asset for the engineering students of Sup’Com.

The engineering formation plan gives a major importance to extra-scholar activities, thus it is dedicates a worthy timeslot for activities.

This importance emanates from the primary role of the associative life in introducing the Sup’Com engineering student to the professional life stakes.

STEAM Commitee

This committee is made up of elected engineering students. Its main role is to organize Sup’Com’s associative life.

It intervenes in the synchronization of clubs’ activities in order to avoid all kinds of redundancies and potential interferences. It also organizes many events in Sup’Com like:

  • The End of the year feast
  • The Open doors day
  • The Sup’Com’s forum
  • The study travel
  • The integration of 1st year engineering students

The Sup’Com forum and the Open doors day

Sup’Com is among the best engineering schools in Tunisia and is a pioneer in terms of cooperation with industry, since it responds always to its expectations and requirements.

The school organizes every year a forum and an Open doors day, which are two days of conferences and panel debates treating different topical subjects in the ICT field.

Preparing these events is an opportunity to raise students’ awareness of teamwork, team spirit, autonomy and responsibility which are the pillars of a good training for tomorrow’s engineers.

For more information about the 14ème edition of the forum :

Sur facebook:

Clubs in Sup’Com

  • Sportive clubs


    It is possible to undergo a training program and benefit from a coach assistance in the following sports:

    • Football
    • Aerobics
    • Body building
    • Basket-ball
    • Volley-ball
    • Ping-pong
    • Swimming
  • Sup'events


    This club is charged of organizing all the entertaining events in the school:

    • Excursions
    • Parties
    • Hiking
    • Entertainment activities (bowling, laser game…)
  • Future entrepreneurs


    The ambition of this club is to shape engineers of excellence who are distinguished not only by their analysis and reflection but also by their openness of spirit; their general knowledge and their ability conceive, organize and animate events up to of their profiles.

  • Sup'Com Microsoft Club


    The goal of SMC is to offer a structured training process allowing the improvement of its skills in development.


    It provides the possibility of developing desktop, mobile and cloud applications.


    Once becoming a member, the student receives a Dream Park card. It consists of a free program from Microsoft which supports the technical study by supplying an access to Microsoft software for learning, study and research purposes. The club also encourages the participation in the most prestigious technical competition for students in the world: The Imagine Cup where teams have to take up technological challenges.


  • Junior enterprise


    Sup’Com junior enterprise is a non-lucrative association. It allows students to implement the theoretical education they get, carrying out studies corresponding to skills fields of the school. (Network, Telecom, Mobile development) for various clients: entrepreneurs, Startups, small and middle enterprises, groups, associations, collectivities.

    It is organized according to consultancies model and provides to its administrators an early training in enterprise management mechanisms as well as team management.

    Moreover, this association ensures for its interveners a primary concrete professional experience.

    Regarding customers, they benefit from students’ innovation capacities, their dynamism, their ability to implement projects through mobilizing a considerable number of intervener, and finally they benefit from the pedagogical support of teachers and researches of the school.

  • Free-soft


    On January 21st 2007, with the encouragement of some teachers and the administration, a group of students decided to implement Free Soft’Com, the open-source software club. The creation of the club emanated from their founders’ conviction that open-source software is necessary for the young engineers’ formation. During its constituent assembly, three objectives were defined and honored:

    • Familiarize students with open source solutions working on windows
    • Initiate students into utilizing operating systems and totally free interfaces
    • Develop and propagate the culture of the free all over the country

    Since its creation in 2007, the club participated in organizing the SFD (Software Freedom Day) and won the first prize for contributing in the open-source software community.

  • IEEE


    IEEE Sup'Com student branch is a students’ branch of IEEE within Sup’Com. It was founded on November 22nd, 2011 and includes more than 80 students.


    Like any other IEEE branch, our SB serves of platform for students to learn from each other and meet the members of teaching staff and professionals who are members of the greatest professional association in the world.


    It offers, to students, through its technical and non-technical activities, the opportunity to develop their leadership, to participate in IEEE competitions at the national and international scale and to contribute as well in social and humanitarian causes.

  • Sup'music


    This club allows students to develop and improve their musical talents, with the aim of animating and organizing cultural events. Either, the engineering student was fond of occidental music or fun of oriental music, the Sup'Music club offers him the possibility of exercising his talent, running rehearsals, organizing concerts and participating in competitions.

  • Netlinks


    Netlinks is a club of computing development, localized in Sup’Com, NSCS (ENSI) (National School of Computing Sciences), NIAST (INSAT) (National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies), ISET’Com (High Institute of Technological Studies in Communications) and HIMAM (ISAMM)(High Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba).


    Since its creation in 2009, the Netlinks team adopted an innovation-based strategy as well as a permanent quest for perfection.


    Our strongest challenge is to receive, host and supervise the Tunisian talents and help them develop their sense of creation and innovation.


    Including, today, more than a hundred members, this club is made up of many creative poles.


    Netlinks provides for its members many trainings allowing them learn the requirements of the professional life.


    Moreover, our trainings prepare members for projects they are going to accomplish within NetLinks.


    NetLinks organizes numerous events every year. These events contribute in the enrichment of the academic space while providing an idea for students about what we are doing, what we have done, and what we want accomplish.


    One of NetLinks assets is that it is not limited within Sup’Com but it is preferred to be open and create a synergy between the adherents of different universities as well as professionals.


    The club won the most creative community prize in 2013 in the SFD (Software Freedom Day) and organized in the same year the ICT National Day, with expositions, challenges, technological conferences and artistic performances …


    This event became annual and knew improvements thanks to the integration of new schools and institutes in the community.

  • OUR network


    OUR network is the Sup’Com club of media coverage. With many passionate people, it is possible to use devices of pro. It is possible, as well, to learn how to use mounting and special effects software, in order to product one’s own short film with OUR network team.


    Present in all the events, OUR network plays a key-role within the school through re-transcribing an intensive extra-school life in its reports and productions. In this way, it offers to the engineering students of Sup’Com an enduring souvenir of their students’ years.


    Whereas, the OUR network members don’t use their creativity in only covering the students’ events, they put it at the service of the administration and enterprises.


    Moreover the online documents box (OUR DOC) is dedicated to the resources share (courses, tutorial classes, exams…) which are well classified according to subjects and years….


    The files loading is on external servers, so the files risk sometimes to be temporarily unavailable or lost, however we are always making sure that our visitors wouldn’t find difficulties during the download.


    All this is presented in an elegant platform and a pleasant graphics card.


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