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Degree Course

The duration of studies in the high school of communications of Tunis is of three years, crowned by the obtainment of the National Diploma in telecommunication engineering.

The first and second years of studies consist each of 28 weeks of learning, 1 week of language training and 5 weeks dedicated to professional trainings.

The third year of studies consists of 14 weeks of learning and 15 weeks for the achievement of an end of studies project.

The first three semesters of studies form a common –core with common compulsory subjects.

During the 4th semester, the engineering students should choose between the two Key-subjects ( Key subject: Computer System and Networks of Telecommunication (SIRT) or key-subject: Telecommunication systems (Systel)) which prepare for the options dedicated to the professions of the engineer.

In the third year, the engineering students are spread over different options covering a large range of specialties (Applications of the multimodal information (AIM) , engineering in the telecommunication services (IST), Network Broadband Access (NBA), Cyber Security and Defense (Cysd), Architectures of the Telecommunication Systems (AST)

While orienting the students to the second year’s key-subject and the options of the third year, we take into consideration their wishes, their results and the capacity of each key-subject or option. Yet, an option or a key-subject could not be provided without reaching an enough number of students.

The units of education, its elements, the options, the educational form, the volume, the timetable as well as the test coefficients are all defined in the curriculum in force.

The engineering education embeds different projects and trainings:

  • A project “PACTE/GATE”: planned during the 1st semester of the 1st year.
  • A project “Challenge of entrepreneurship”: is planned over a week In the 2nd semester of the 2nd year
  • A project of 2nd year (P2Y): is planned in the middle of the 2nd year
  • Two language trainings: each one lasts one week and are programmed during the first week preceding the second semester of the first year (French) and during the 1st week preceding the second semester of the second year (English).
  • Students should carry out two professional trainings, one by the end of the 1st year and the other by the end of the second year.
  • In the 3rd year the program includes a professional end of studies project in an engineering work form, supervised by, at least, one teacher from Sup’Com.