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The program « Future and Rupture » of the Mines-Télécom institute have financed in 2010 two PhD thesis elaborated in Sup’Com , one of which the thesis of Mr Amine Ben Salem , defended on september 5th 2013.


This thesis entitled « Characterization of photonic nanowires for pulse compression and sensing applications » pathed the way for many valuable publications such as those published in the journals IEEE/OSA (ISI IF 2.784) et Opt. Express. (ISI IF 3.587) and in SPIE and OSA confrences as well.


It has been evaluated and highly appreciated by a jury of researcher professors from Tunisia, France and Italy, among them David Sadek, the Deputy Scientific Director and the research director in the Institut Télécom.

International cooperation


Sup'Com knoted fruitful relations of cooperation with the most prestigious institutions and scientific organisms of training and research in Europe and the USA.


Many contracts and agreements present the framework of exchange of skills and achievements in common with research projects.


The main partners of Sup'Com abroad are:

Then, many are the opportunities provided for students to carry on their end of studies project abroad. They can also spend the whole 3rd year of studies in a telecommunication school in France or elsewhere. They even, can prepare a double diploma in a partner institution.