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Pedagogical activities

Sitting for The Linux Professional Institute Exams require an appointment with LPI-Maghreb.


The exams take essentially the . multiple-choice questions form. Free answers exist also.


The exams are conceived to be independent from the distributions of Linux, and require a general knowledge of Linux rather than details on distributions.


Thereby, student should know the two management systems of packaging RPM and Debian software


The program is supposed to be neutral with regard to computers material architecture whereas the architecture of the portable computers serves as reference

The degree program is the following:

Certificate LPI-C1


  • Criteria of obtaining the certificate LPI-C1 : Succeeding the exams LPI-101 and LPI-102
  • Overview of the necessary skills : to obtain the 1st level certification, a student should be able to :
  • Master the architecture system under Gnu/Linux
  • Install Linux and manage the packages
  • Run the commands Gnu and Unix
  • Set the discs, Linux files systems and standard file tree


This certificate is programmed at the end of the module « Practice Linux ». The Students authorized to sit for these official exams should succeed previously the mock exams.

Certificate LPI-C2


  • Prerequisite: to obtain the certification LPIC-2, it is compulsory to have an active LPIC-1 certification. Yet, the students could, anytime, sit for the necessary exams for the certifications LPIC-1 and LPIC-2.
  • Criteria of obtainment: succeeding the LPI-201 and LPI-202 exams
  • Overview of the necessary skills: to obtain the 2nd level certification, a student should be able to:
  • Compile the Linux kernel
  • Customize and maintain the system
  • Customize the file system, the devices, the backup
  • Set the network and a server of the domain name
  • Conceive, maintain (conserve the coherence of the network, solve the problems) secure a mixed network (MicroSoft and Linux)


This certificate could be programmed at the end of the module «System Administration» (taught within the IRES option) or if we are able to form a group of student having succeeded the white exams