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Pedagogical activities

High Frequencies and antennas

  • Period : Semester 3
  • Duration: 42 Hours
  • Code : ELC03-03
  • Responsible : Fethi CHOUBANI - E-Mail :


Objectives of the educational unit (knowledge, capacities and skills)

The general goal of this unit is to provide for the engineering students the necessary bases for understanding the propagation on the transmission lines, the characteristics of high frequencies circuits and the matching by discrete circuits and line sections.


Besides, the radiation principle, the antennas characteristics (directivity, radiation pattern, side lobes, 3-dB Beamwidth, VSWR…) and the different types of antennas used in telecommunication (wires, radiating apertures, arrays…) will be presented


Education Elements (EE)

Hyperfrequencies 21 H 12 4.5   4.5
Antennas 21 H 12 4.5   4.5


Pedagogical methods and specific means to the educational units (pedagogy of education, works cited, tools, materials and software)

  • Course materials
  • Projector and board
  • Tutorial Classes
  • Software ADS
  • Measuring instruments Spectrum and network Analyzers