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Pedagogical activities

Optical communication and integration system

  • Period : Semester 4
  • duration : 63 Hours
  • Code : ELC04-04
  • Responsible : Mourad ZGHAL - E-Mail :


Objectives of the educational unit (knowledge, capacities and skills)

This educational unit groups a course of optical communication as well as a workshop of integrating communication systems. The optics course presents the basic knowledge on functioning and operating conditions of the principle elements of the optical communication systems.


It came alongside the characteristics of propagating light in an optical fiber, the sources of semiconducting light, the photo detectors, the optical amplifier and the connections.


At the workshop level, it would be an issue of conceiving, simulating, integrating an evaluating the performances of a communication system employing the students’ knowledge on the radiofrequency and/or optical systems of communication and the circuits of digital treatment(DSP, FPGA).


Educational Elements (EE)

Components and optical communication systems 42 H 30 6 6  
Practice of integrating communication systems 21 H       21


Pedagogical methods and specific means to the educational units (pedagogy of education, works cited, tools, materials and software)

  • Laboratory of optical communication
  • Laboratory of communication electronics
  • Laboratory of digital communication
  • Laboratory RF