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Pedagogical activities

Technologies of implementing the Communication Systems

  • Period : Semester 5
  • Duration : 84 Hours
  • Code : STL05-05
  • Responsible : Fethi TLILI- E-Mail :


Objectives of the educational unit (knowledge, capacities and skills)

The objective of this educational unit is the study of technological solutions of implementing communication systems at all levelsRadio Frequency (RF), Mixed Front End (MxFE) and Base Band (BB).


It contains 3 theoretical educational elements


  • Circuits and devices RF (15hours): aiming at acquiring the necessary knowledge in the conception of circuits and devices RF for accomplishing an E/R RF head.
  • Mixed Front End (MxFE) (9hours): aiming at presenting the principle architectures and circuits of digitizing the broadband radio signal.
  • Techniques of implementing the reception algorithms (18 hour): mastering the architecture concepts dedicated for the digital communications and the signal digital treatment, adequacy algorithm architecture, codesign HW/SW of the communication systems and embedded systems.


A workshop and a practical project would complete these educational elements


Educational elements

Circuits and devices RF 21 H 15     6
Mixed Front End 12 H 9     3
Techniques of implementing the reception algorithms 30 H 18     12
Project 21 H       21


Pedagogical methods and specific means to the educational units (pedagogy of education, works cited, tools, materials and software)

  • ADS
  • ModelSim
  • Course materials