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Pedagogical activities

Circuits and Digital Radio Systems

  • Period : Semester 5
  • Duration : 84 Hours
  • Code : STL05-02
  • Responsible : Chiheb REBAI - E-Mail :


Objectives of the educational unit (knowledge, capacities and skills)

The objective of this module is highlighting the requirements and features of the new generations of broadband radio systems and defining the topology of radio systems.


The purpose is to allow the engineering students drawing up the specifications of conceiving and realizing RF circuits and the specifications of digitizing broadband signals.


This unit embeds an educational element; it is a kind of project allowing the engineering students, on the one hand, to conceive and realize RF and baseband treating circuits ; on the other hand it allow them validating the results of sizing a radio receiver by a simulation system.


Educational Elements

RF Circuits and Integration ofdigital radio systems 42 H 30 12    
Sizing broadband communication systems 21 H 9     12
CAO project of digital radio system 21 H       21


Pedagogical methods and specific means to the educational units (pedagogy of education, works cited, tools, materials and software)

  • Laboratory of RF systems
  • Laboratory of communication electronics
  • Software :
    • ADS,
    • Modelsim,
    • Xilinx ISE,
    • matlab