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Pedagogical approach

Pedagogical charter

Sup’Com offers an education of excellence in telecoms engineering, keeping abreast of the advanced technological evolutions.

The Sup’Com engineer owns solid skills in the information and communication technologies, based on thorough scientific and technical knowledge and an effective interaction with the professional world.

The education of Sup’Com is based, on the one hand, on the new needs of job market and the requirements of the socio-economic and professional environment ; on the other hand, it is based on the new innovative pedagogical approaches, especially the active pedagogy and the embedment of the information and communication technologies for education(TIICE,MOOCs,…) opening a new method of learning closer to our youth’s culture.

Thanks to diverse pedagogical activities alternating theoretical studies, practical studies and projects, the students of Sup’Com acquire a solid fundamental knowledge and practical skills.

The individual works, the projects, the team learning activities, the preparation of international certificates (Cisco, Linux, Microsoft, Sun, Java), the openness to humanities and to social sciences (economy, management, law) ,the interculturalism, the multitude of pathways, the diversity of profiles (establishment in 2nd year and options in 3rd year) and the personalized supervision guaranteed by an educational staff of high level, all these factors make the engineering student a key player of his own formation.

Progressing toward further autonomy in the learning process and developing the high-level skills prepares the Sup’Com engineering student to his future responsibilities as a manager of big projects and a senior executive at the service of the information society.

To make this way of learning efficient, Sup’Com opted for varying the pedagogical modalities through a schedule division separating the hours based on campus teaching and the hours based on non-campus activities of learning.

Engineering students are then key players before, during and after the courses.