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Pedagogical teams

Circuits and electronic functions Ons Ben Rhouma Aissa Zaghbi, Adel Ghazel, Lotfi Osman, Ons Ben Rhouma, Hafedh Ghaddab,Zied Harouni
Calculators and Processors Fethi Tlili Fethi Tlili, Adel Ghazel, Chiheb Rebai, Khaled Grati, Larbi BelHadj Slama, Ons Ben Rhouma
Hyperfrequencies and Antennas Fethi Choubani Fethi Choubani, Rim Barrak, Aissa Zaghbi, Zied Harouni
Optical Communications and system integration Mourad Zghal Mourad Zghal, Aissa Zaghbi, Mourad Menif
Communicating Embedded Systems Adel Ghazel Adel Ghazel, Fethi Tlili, Chiheb Rebai, Khaled Grati
Circuits andDigital Radio systems Chiheb Rebai Chiheb Rebai, Adel Ghazel, Fethi Choubani, Rim Barrak, Aissa Zaghbi, Lotfi Osman
Wireless systems and networks Neji Youssef Neji Youssef, Ons Ben Rhouma, Leila Najjar, Mohamed Ayadi
Optical components and networks Mourad Menif Mourad Menif, Mourad Zghal, Aissa Zaghbi
Technologies of implementing theCommunication Systems Fethi Tlili Fethi Tlili, Khaled Grati, Rim Barrak