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The mission of electronics, physics and propagation (EPP) department is to provide knowledge on the modules pertaining to the fields of communications-electronics (E-C) and telecommunications systems for the different levels of engineering students.

The head of the department guarantees the coordination of the option Architecture of telecommunication systems for the students of the 3rd year.

The department provides, indeed, the majority of courses in this option as well as the proposal and the supervision of the end of studies projects.

Numerous qualified resources are mobilized in order to carry out this activity.

The department includes 14 specialized permanent research professors distributed over into 3 categories : 3 professors of high education, 5 lecturers and 6 senior lecturers.

Moreover, many Tunisian and foreign experts intervene regularly in order to provide specific studies

The department affords also logistic means dedicated to support different studies.

It consists of 4 pedagogical laboratories:

  • Electronics and embedded systems
  • Optical communications devices and systems
  • High Frequencies and antennas
  • Digital radio circuits and systems

Since its creation, the department tied collaborations with different foreign institutions of education and research through exchanging expertise or through sending our engineering students for trainings and end of studies projects ranging from one to six months.

In parallel to studies, the department interacts dedicatedly with its industrial environment establishing different partnership and collaboration formulas