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The department of Applied Mathematics, Signals and communication (AMSC) supervises and coordinates the formation of engineering students in the following


  • Applied Mathematics
  • Signal processing
  • Digital communication
  • Signals and images (SIMAG)
  • Multimedia
  • Wireless transmission systems


The department participates actively in curriculum updating in order to endow the Sup’Com engineering students with a complete formation allowing them:


  • To acquire knowledge in engineering mathematics useful in the ICT field and appropriate in modelling and solving optimization problems
  • To master the signal processing tools allowing the description and the study of the signals and the systems.
  • To get acquainted with the practice of signals
  • To have the necessary prerequisites for the non-specialized (digital communication) and the specialized (network of data transmission, advanced digital communications)
  • To learn the theoretical aspects of implementing a reliable andefficient digitalcommunication
  • To master the signals’ properties in telecommunications (speech, image with the particular case of the satellite image) considering their treatment and transmission.
  • To acquire skills in the multimedia field