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Research projects

2012-2014 Innov’Com PHC-UTIQUE Cognitive and cooperative communication in wireless Ad Hoc networks (C3) Ridha Bouallègue
2012-2013 Innov’Com CMPTM RF composants and circuits characterization for the conformity CEM of the radiocommunication systems Fethi Choubani   Maroc
2011-2012 Gres’Com DGRS/CNRS Study , modelling and characterization of the special fiber based components for the optical telecommunications Mourad Zghal   France

Cosim DGRS/CNRS Static and dynamic characterisation of the iris through analyzing video images of the eye for the biometric recognition applications Amel Ben Azza   France
2011-2014 Mediatron CMPTM Increasing of capacity , coverage and flow for the coming wireless standards(LTE) and study of the insertion of some afar computing services from its 4G toward an architecture of service infrastructure in Cloud computing context Sami Tabbane   Maroc
2011-0 Mediatron Tuniso-spanish Cooperation Applying the games theory in the wireless communications Sami Tabbane Antoni Morell Espagne
2011-2012 Cosim Euromed 3+3 Improving in real time the voice of persons suffering from laryngectomy (esophageal voice) (OESOVOX) Sofia Ben Jebara    
2011-2012 Digital security DGRS/INRIA Verifying the web servcies security: access control policies and firewallsXML Adel Bouhoula   France