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School Strategy

Mandate 2014-2017

  • Quality approach
    • Finalizing the reform of the curriculum (active pedagogy, studying alternately, adapting the degree program with the evolutions..)
    • Accreditation of the school
    • E-Sup'Com (digital resources, MOOCs, SI…)
  • Enhancing cooperation with the industrial environment and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Strengthening conventions and partnerships with the industrials (trainings, end of studies projects, cooperation projects
    • Creating Sup’com’s own incubator
    • Supporting the ADSupto serve as a bridge between the school and the industrial environment
    • Fostering the intervention of industrials in the education
    • Launching big federative projects
  • Promoting the radiance and the openness of the school to the world at the academic and the industrial scales
    • Boosting and structuring partnerships of mobility and double diplomas with renowned universities and schools.
    • Fostering the teachers’ mobility
    • Encouraging the studies in English
  • Orienting toward a quality research
    • Visibility and attractiveness of our laboratories
    • Quality of publications
    • Participation in the big projects of research on the future themes of research