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Scolarships and subsidies

Many financing programs are provided within the doctoral thesis framework to encourage the mobility in the academic environment abroad as well as in the industrial environment in Tunisia.


    • Co-operative scolarship


        The call for applications is launched in the December - January period, it concerns the students registered in 1st, 2nd , 3rd, year of joint thesis. The candidacy application should be printed from the ministry website The completed and signed file should be submitted to the establishment


    • Scholarship of the agence Universitaire de la Francophonie(AUF)


        The candidates should be registered in PhD in an AUF member establishment. The file of candidacy should be completed online in the AUF website. The candidates are called to send a copy of their scholarship application to the Directorate General of International Cooperation.


    • Programme d'Encouragement des jeunes Chercheurs


        In the framework of promoting the diploma awarding research in the strategic fields, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research established a specific annual program « program of encouraging the young researchers » in order to provide encouraging conditions allowing the PhD students dedicate themselves for their research works and promote their orientation toward the research activities in priority specialties.


        As part of this program, and on the limit of the yearly budget, the full-time PhD students, tied to the research structures (laboratories or units), can benefit from a fixed term« research convention » provided to be dedicated fully and exclusively to their research works.


        The duration of the convention is 12 months maximum, with the possibility of a renewal under a call for applications.


        This convention provides for the concerned students a compensation of 650TND/month, subject to the legislation in force on tax and social security coverage.


        For more information, contact the concerned services of the Directorate General of Scientific Research. Or visit the website


    • MOBIDOC Allowance


        Doctoral thesis in enterprise: The Program of Support for Research and Innovation System financed by the European Bank and managed by the National Agency of Scientific Research Promotion, proposes MOBIDOC allowances in order to accomplish thesis works in professional environment (in general public or private enterprise or a sectorial non-academic establishment.


        This program has been launched since the academic year 2012/2013. For more information visit the following link:


    • Future and Rupture Program


        As part of the partnership with the Institute Mines-Télécom, Sup’Com benefits from the Future and Rupture Program, which supported by the Fondation Télécom, aims at financing research activities uphilling future thematic, within laboratories of the Institute Mines-Télécom,. These activities encompasses around fifteen doctoral theses as well as ten short projects (post-doc, sabbatical) a year, which are selected after a call for proposals.