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Sup'Com Networking Academy

Since 2002, Sup'Com adhered to “Cisco Networking Academy” program as a regional academy. The regional academy task is limited on integrating and supporting the local academies and training the instructors of these academies. Yet, Sup'Com plays the role of a local academy which offers to its students the different degree courses of NatAcad: CCNA, CCNA-Security et IT-Essentials.

In 2012, Sup'Com responded to the migration requirements according to « Cisco Networking Academy » example, and was qualified as an Academy Support Centre (ASC), an Instructor Training Centre (ITC) and a Cisco academy(CA).

Sup'Com as an Academic center of support


The role of an assistance center or of support is to promote the durability and the success its cisco academies.


This is achieved through:


  • The integration of new academies cisco,
  • Collecting and diffusing necessary information,
  • Supporting the academies in the integration of the degree course,
  • Establishing laboratories of studies,
  • Looking after the success and the quality of the curriculum and the students,
  • Encouraging and sharing good practices.

Sup'Com as an Instructor Training Centre (ITC)


Sup’Com teaches and approves the new and ancient NetAcad instructors. The responsibility of a training center consists also of explaining the need of laboratory devices to the formed instructors and help them in the implementation of their practical works.

Sup'Com as a Cisco Academy


Sup’com provides courses in the frame of Networking Academy program in order to create professional opportunities at the local level. The courses are centered on diverse subjects, from the theory and simple networks conception to the network security, going through the most advanced repair tools.

The XXIth century competencies, such as solving problems, the critical mind and the collaboration are integrated in the degree course in order to foster the professional success of the students.

The program « Networking Academy » allows promoting our students’ career, providing them with more economic opportunities and facilitating their integration in the professional environment through preparing them to industrial standard certificates such as CCENT, CCNA 200-120 (ancient CCNA 640-802) and CCNA Security.

Offered Programs of studies


  • CCNA Routing & Switching
    • Introduction to Networks
    • Routing & Switching Essentials
    • Scaling Networks
    • Connecting Networks
  • CCNA Exploration
    • Basic notions on networks
    • Protocoles and concepts of routing
    • Switching of networks and Wireless network
    • Access to the wide area network
  • CCNA Discovery
    • Domestic networks and Small enterprise networks
    • Work in a SME(small and medium-sized enterprise) or with an Internet service provider
    • Presentation of routing and switching within an enterprise
    • Conception and management of computing networks
  • CCNA Security
  • IT-Essentials

How to become a Cisco Academy?


  • Criterion : Educational institution, training institution, a non-lucrative ICT organism
  • Needs :
    • A devoted classroom
    • A PC for each student
    • An internet connection covering all the PCs
    • A local server for the download and the provision of content
    • A budget or a grant for purchasing an academy laboratory
    • ITC certified instructors



Hajer Tounsi,