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Séminaire du Professeur A.J. Han Vinck




Sup'Com organise un séminaire intitulé Research problems generated by Power Line Communications, dirigé par Professeur A.J. Han Vinck (Digital Signal Processing group at the Electrical Engineering Department University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany), Mardi 20 janvier 2015, 14h à 16h, Amphi I, Sup’Com, Cité technologique des communications, El Ghazala, Ariana






A.J. Han Vinck is a senior professor in Digital Communications at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, since September 2014. He is a member of the Digital Signal Processing group at the Electrical Engineering Department.


His interest is in Information and Communication theory, Coding and Network aspects in digital communications. He is the author of the book “Coding Concepts and Reed-Solomon Codes”. He is an IEEE Fellow. (for more information see:


Professor Vinck held positions of professional responsibility including the Director of the Institute for Experimental Mathematics in Essen, founding Chairman of the IEEE German Information Theory chapter, President of the IEEE Information theory Society (2003) and President of the Shannon, Leibniz and Gauß foundations for the stimulation of research in the field of Information theory and Digital Communications.


Received a number of accolades including the election by the IEEE as Fellow for his “Contributions to Coding Techniques”, appointed as Distinguished Lecturer for the Information Theory Society as well as for the Communications Society of the IEEE, the IEEE ISPLC 2006 Achievement award for contributions to Power Line Communications, and the SAIEE annual award for the best paper published in the SAIEE Africa Research Journal in 2008. Instrumental in the organisation of research forums including the IEEE Information Theory workshops and symposia Japan-Benelux workshops on Information theory (now Asia-Europe workshop on “Concepts in Information Theory”) and the International Winterschool on Coding, Cryptography and Information theory in Europe.



  • Attenuation and the repeater application;
  • Noise characterization for impulse and narrowband noise;
  • Coding to mitigate the bad channel characteristics;
  • Simple examples of practical coding schemes to illustrate the performance improvements that can be obtained.