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Doctorate thesis defense of Sihem Trabelsi

Doctorate thesis defense on April 07st 2017 at 09H00 AM ,in Amphi I, Sup’Com.

Entitled :Scalable security and QoS management in Heterogeneous Networks

Presented by : Sihem Trabelsi 



Pr. Mounir Frikha

Professor, School of Communication Engineering of Tunis, SUP’Com, Tunisia





Dr. Slim Rekhis

Associate Professor, School of Communication Engineering of Tunis, SUP’Com, Tunisia



Dr. Sami Habib

Associate Professor, Kuwait University, Kuwait


Dr. Lamia Chaari

Associate Professor, Multimedia and Computer Science Institute, Sfax University, Tunisia


Thesis Director:

Pr. Noureddine Boudriga

Professor, School of Communication Engineering of Tunis, SUP’Com, Tunisia



In recent ICT trends, the convergence between new generation networks (LTE, 4G and beyond) and cloud networks has become the main feature of network engineering. This is associated with a great number of challenges related namely to resource management, cost optimization, profit maximization, quality of service, privacy and security. Furthermore, business planners are nowadays more than ever oriented toward profit and revenue maximization, and that means that business plans will have to encompass an adequate model of monetizing network investment.

In this thesis, we addressed research issues related to new generations of heterogeneous access networks and we focused on the integration of cloud networks with these networks as novel platform extending them and providing a set of on-demand virtualized service models characterized by accessibility, reliability and scalability. We were particularly interested in developing economic models in order to provide investors with investment decision making tools. Four contributions are achieved.

In the first contribution, we developed an innovative scheme for Quality of Service (QoS) based handover and we proposed new mechanisms for the provision of asymmetric resource reservation in HetNets and 5G.

In the second contribution, we worked on the cooperation between femtocells in LTE networks and we developed a novel scheme for cognitive beamforming interference management and power control.

The third contribution was related to economic issues. In this context, we optimized interconnection costs in mobile networks for the support of multimedia video services based on real time unit costs.

Then, in the last contribution, we investigated financial business issues for the evaluation of the profitability of cloud investments through an assessment of costs incurred for the settlement of distributed multi-broker cloud architectures. We modeled security costs through an innovative set of functions to be implemented by cloud brokers, in a distributed way, in order to evaluate and optimize the cost of implementing a predefined security policy.


HetNets, Quality of Service, Mobility management, Interference management, Beamforming, Cloud networks, Cost modeling, Security cost modeling.