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Doctorate thesis defense of Rym Hicheri

Doctorate thesis defense on April 12th 2017 at 10H00 AM ,in Amphi I, Sup’Com.

Entitled :Statistical analysis of the capacity of multiple-antenna fading channels

Presented by : Rym Hicheri 



Mr. Sofiane Cherif

Professor at Sup'Com, Tunisia





Mr. Matthias U.Pätzold

Professor at UiA, Norway



Mr. Tahar Ezzeddine

Professor at ENIT, Tunisia


Mr. Faouzi Zarai

Associate professor at ENET'COM, Tunisia



Mr. Néji Youssef

Professor at SUP’Com, Tunisia



Mr. Nazih Hajri

Assistant professor at ISIMM, Tunisia



The performance assessment of multiple-input multiple-output(MIMO)systems, with regards to the instantaneous channel capacity as a performance criterion, is of essential importance for the design of wireless communication systems.This analysis is usually performed by investigating the corresponding outage probability, level-crossing rate(LCR),and average duration of fades. The probability density function(PDF)of the outage intervals is another important statistics that is worth investigating.Although this problem has been of interest for more than 60 years in history, due to its complexity in crossing theory, there exists to date no exact expression fort his PDF.Only approximate solutions have been derived for some specific random processes.Aiming to contribute to this topic, the first part of the thesis is dedicated to the analysis of the outage intervals of MIMO systems using orthogonal space-timecodes(OSTBC) over Rayleigh fading channels.First, the asymptotic analysis of the outage intervals is performed by applying the large excursions model. Then, for the case of massive MIMO-OSTBC systems,a more general study has been conducted by applying the Rice probability function based approach. A part from the Rayleigh channel model,it is worth investigating the statistics of a more generic channel model. In this context, the second part of this thesisis dedicated to the determination of a new simple expression for the LCR of the capacity of MIMO-OSTBC Nakagami-q channels. It should be mentioned that the previous works assume a transmission taking place in rich scattering propagation environments. However, in recent years, measurements based studies indicate that the assumption of rich scattering can be violated in specific real-world channels. In particular, such channels exhibit a sparse multipath structure. The underwater acoustic communication (UWAC)channels are an example of sparse channels and are treated in the last part of the thesis.


Statistical analysis, instantaneous channel capacity, outage events, outage intervals, level-crossing rate, Rayleigh model,Nakagami-q model,sparse multipath channels,underwater acoustic communications.