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Doctorate thesis defense of Wiem Dahech

Doctorate thesis defense on October 31th 2018 at 10H00 ,in Sup’Com Amphitheater Ibn Khaldoun.

Entitled : Statistical Analysis of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Fading Channels

Presented by :

Wiem Dahech



Mr. Fethi Choubani

Professor at Sup'Com, Tunisia





Mr. Aref Meddeb

Professor at ENISo, Tunisia


Mr. Habib Fathallah

Associate Professor at FSB, Tunisia





Mr. Matthias U. Pätzold

Professor at UiA, Norway





Supervisor :

Mr. Néji Youssef

Professor at Sup'Com, Tunisia





Co-supervisor :

Mr. Nazih hajri

Assistant professor at ISIMM, Tunisia






Mobile-to-mobile (M2M) fading channels have been extensively studied considering isotropic scattering and stationarity. However, little is known about the statistics of M2M channels under non-isotropic scattering and non-stationarity, although measurement based studies have proved that non-isotropic scattering is often experienced around the transmitter and the receiver and that realistic M2M (or also vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V)) fading channels are inherently non-stationary. As is known, these important propagation characteristics have no effects on the envelope and phase distributions of fading channels. However, the second-order statistics are greatly impacted by the scattering type of radio signals and the non-stationary aspects of fading channels. This thesis contributes to the statistical analysis of M2M fading channels under both non-isotropic scattering and non-stationarity effects. In the first part, the statistical properties of the Beckmann fading channels are investigated assuming non-isotropic scattering. Thereafter, the study of symbol error probability (SEP) performance analysis of M-ary differential phase shift keying (M-DPSK) modulation over Beckmann fast fading channels and non-isotropic scattering is conducted. Finally, we address the modelling and analysis of nonstationary M2M fading channels taking into account the velocity variations of mobile stations (MSs), i.e., the transmitter and the receiver may experience changes in their speeds and/or angles of motion over time

Index terms :

V2V communications, non-stationary fading channels, non-isotropic scattering, statistical properties, error performance analysis, Beckmann fading channels, von Mises scattering model, M-DPSK modulations.