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Doctorate thesis defense of RAHMA GHARSALLAOUI

Doctorate thesis defense on February 09th 2019 at 09H00 ,in Sup’Com Amphitheater Ibn Khaldoun.

Entitled :Real-time Multimedia Communication for Cloud Streaming Applications

Presented by :




Mr. Riadh Robbana

Professor at INSAT, Tunisia





Mr. Chokri Ben Amar

Professor at ENIS, Tunisia


Mrs. Azza Ouled Zaied

Professor at ISI, Tunisia





Mrs. Soumaya Hamouda

Associate Professor at FSB, Tunisia





Thesis Director :

Mr. Mohamed Hamdi

Associate Professor at SUP’COM, Tunisia






The purpose of the thesis is to propose multimedia coding algorithms and transmission protocols for cloud gaming infrastructures to support real-time ubiquitous access to multimedia streams and context-aware rate control. Unlike traditional multimedia content, the game image and video are transmitted through a dynamic and interactive process, where the user experience can vary over time and the game contents continuously change depending on what game inputs have been received. Therefore, measuring and adapting to the QoE provided by a cloud gaming system is a challenging research topic. Despite the difficulties in capturing players’ continuous gaming experience, the QoE models, which describe the relationship between system/network parameters and players’ gaming experience, would be foundations to subsequent developments of QoE-aware cloud gaming systems. Such a system would be able to automatically adjust the system parameters, such as the video coding bitrate and the frame sampling rate, according to the configuration and environment parameters, such as the network bandwidth, the network delay, and the display size used by the player, in order to provide a more satisfactory experience. The main topic of this thesis is cloud multimedia streaming. Cloud providers may deploy multimedia streaming services to support the provision of monitoring, surveillance, virtual reality, and gaming applications on mobile platforms. Practical case studies lead to a simulation experiment led in the following manner: high-resolution video sequences and game graphics will be gathered using various types of visual sensors. The multimedia data stored in a computer cluster. Different qualities of service and security metrics were considered and the resulting performance was accurately analyzed. We address three aspects related to the aforementioned topic. The first one was image compression for cloud gaming in the case of a simple player are involved. The second aspect was adaptive coding in a more complex scenario where multiple players. Finally we dealt with, the aspect of Privacy in online gaming in order to provide anti-cheating technique for streaming applications. We particularly looked for the improvement of the real-time performance of mobile multimedia streaming applications as well as the underlying user experience.

Keywords :

Cloud, Gaming, Streaming, Real-Time, Adaptive, Encoding, Compression, Augmented Reality, Players Privacy, Multimedia, Content-based, Location-based.