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Invitation for doctorate thesis defense of Mariem THAALBI

The doctorate thesis defense of Mariem THAALBI will take place on Thursday Feburary 6th, 2014 at 09h00, in Amphi II at Sup’Com.

Entitled : Routing and Interoperability over Heterogeneous Networks for Real Time Traffic

Presented by : Mariem THAALBI 

Thesis Committee

President :

M. Belhassen ZOUARI

Professor, Sup'Com, Tunisia.




Examiners :

M. Mounir FRIKHA

Professor, Sup’Com, Tunisia.


M. Noureddine HAMDI

Professor, INSAT, Tunisia.


M. Anthony BUSSON

Professor, University Lyon 1, France.


Thesis Director


Associate Professor, Sup'Com, Tunisia.


Integration of Peer-to-Peer into mobile Ad hoc networks (MANETs) is our first focus. In this Phd thesis, we first propose a new distributed lookup protocol called “Enhanced Mobile Chord” for mobile P2P networks. Its main objective is to reduce the overhead traffic and the lookup delay induced by the Chord protocol. Simulation results indicate that the proposed scheme has an improved performance in comparison with the popularly used Chord protocol and its extension, the Backtracking Chord protocol. Then, we propose to combine our proposed scheme and the Backtracking Chord extension in order to reduce the lookup failures.


In addition, we address the quality aware routing issue in MANETs. Our proposed scheme improves the multipath routing based on the path quality, path stability and QoS awareness. We propose a cross layer approach to achieve greater routing performance for applications with real time constraints in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Interactions between MAC, Network and Application layers are fully exploited to get accurate information about the end-to-end path quality, and the applications’ characteristics. The improvements provided by our scheme come from considering a service class differentiation, a balanced routing protocol and a path quality cost function as well.


Interworking LTE and 802.11s network is our third research axis. LTE and WiFi networks are set to dominate the outdoor and indoor spaces. IEEE 802.11s was defined to enlarge the coverage of WiFi hotspots. In order to enhance the interworking performance between LTE and 802.11s network, we address the QoS handling in IEEE 802.11s network. In this context, we improve the routing process of HWMP (Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol) defined by the IEEE 802.11s standard by taking into account different QoS classes. A multipath routing process is considered to provide the fair allocation of traffic among different paths. The routing metric defined by the IEEE 802.11s standard was also modified to get more accurate information about the path quality.


In the fourth part of our Phd, we focus on the mobility management between LTE and MANETs. We propose a cross layered approach that involves MIH (Media Independent Handover) standard, the mSCTP (mobile Stream Control Protocol) and our deigned quality aware routing protocol defined in the second part of our Phd.


Peer to Peer applications, dynamic networks, Heterogeneous networks, Quality awareness, routing optimization, cross layer approach, interworking, mobility management.