The International School of Cloud Computing ISCC 2013 will take place in Tunisia from 15 to 19 December 2013.

ISCC 2013 is the first school in Tunisia jointly organized by the Higher School of communication of Tunis and National School of Computer Science. ISCC 2013 aims at addressing advances in research in the areas of Cloud Computing and virtualization and provides a forum for researchers, students and professionals to exchange, discuss, and share their experiences, ideas and research results about theoretical and practical aspects in these interesting fields.

Cloud computing known as an IT environment that includes all elements of the IT and network stack, enabling the development, delivery, and consumption of Cloud Services. The flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing provides tremendous business opportunities to customers. The goal of Cloud Computing is to consolidate infrastructure, and share resources among the cloud service consumers, cloud partners, and cloud vendors in the cloud value chain.

The resource sharing at various levels results in various cloud offerings such as infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform as a Service (PaaS) and software as a Service (SaaS).

The program of ISCC 2013 does not only include theoretical lectures, but also some practical workshops.


  • Provide a basic survey of the current research works and challenges on Cloud Computing.
  • Present some practical case study.
  • Provide a good opportunity to meet people and distinguished scholars working on Cloud Computing.
  • Establish contacts that may lead to research collaborations in the future.


  • Post-graduate students, PhD students, and young researchers from universities.
  • Researchers and engineers from academic and industrial laboratories around the world.
  • Industrial that wish to discover the innovative applications of cloud computing and Virtualization systems.