Prof. Dr. Ing. Adel BOUHOULA


Adel BOUHOULA received in 1990 the Diploma degree in computer engineering with Distinction from the University of Tunis (Tunisia). In 1991, he received a Master’s degree, in 1994 a PhD degree with Distinction and in 1998 the Habilitation degree all in computer science from Henri Poincare University in Nancy (France).

Adel BOUHOULA is currently a Professor at the Sup’Com Engineering School of Telecommunications in Tunisia and a Visiting Professor at Tsukuba University in Japan. He is also a Member of the High Level Committee for Science and Technology in Tunisia, the Founder and Head of the “Digital Security” Research Unit, the Founder and President of the Tunisian Society for Digital Security and the President of the national committee of the ACM - TCPC "Tunisian Collegiate Programming Contest".

Adel BOUHOULA has been in the past the Chairman and CEO of the Research Institute for Computer Science and Telecommunication in Tunisia (IRSIT). Prior to that, he has been the Director of Information Technologies and Networks at “Tunisie Telecom” and a Senior Researcher with the INRIA French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control in France.

Adel BOUHOULA owned three patents and has published two edited books and over 120 peer-reviewed articles in leading international journals, in conferences and refereed workshops since 1992. He has an h-index of 17, with more than 1200 citations to his publications according to “Publish or Perish” (a citation analysis system). His research interests include in particular Automated Reasoning, Network Security, Cryptography, Validation of cryptographic protocols, Formal Methods in System Design and Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis.

Adel BOUHOULA was invited to give seminars/talks, in numerous universities and laboratories all over the world namely in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, the United States and Japan. He was also invited to make several research visits in particular to SRI International (California – USA), to the Mitsubishi Research Institute (Tokyo – Japan), to the Laboratory Specification and Verification at the “Ecole Normale Supérieure” of Cachan (Paris – France), to the Computer Science Research Laboratory of Bordeaux “LaBRI” (Bordeaux – France), to the Hardware Verification Group at Concordia University (Montreal – Canada) and to the Symbolic Computation Research Group at the University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba – Japan).

Adel BOUHOULA has supervised more than 30 Masters and PhD students in France and Tunisia. He has also supervised in Tunis internships of many Japanese students from Tsukuba University.

Adel BOUHOULA was decorated as the Knight of the Order of the Republic and also the Knight of the National Order of the Merit in the field of the Education and of the Science.

Adel BOUHOULA is 47 years old. He is married and father of 2 children.